Aaron is from The Prince of Egypt. He is the eldest son and middle child of Yocheved, the younger brother

of Miriam and the older brother of Moses.

Background Edit

When little, he and his older sister Mariam had to hide Moses for 3 months because the Pharaoh ordered all Hebrew baby boys to be murdered.

Personality Edit

Aaron, born and raised a slave, did not have the luxuries that Moses had in his adolescence. As a result, he became hardened and pessimistic. Aaron is self-reliant and hardworking, but sometimes his caution can be perceived as cowardice. Above all, Aaron loves his sister, Miriam, and will do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it means hiding the truth of his brother's origins.

As the film continues, Aaron begins to have more faith in Moses. After the miracles he witnesses as well as the strength of his brother, Aaron learns to trust in God and truly believe in himself.

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