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Attention Users This wiki is eventually going to be closing because it has been decided that this wiki somehow became heavily inactive and also we will no longer have this wiki run because it has been too difficult here and caused me a lot of distraction of what I was suppose to do on another wiki, can that's why it has to close because I get do activity on multiple wikis because that stresses me out some of you may think that I've been lazy, NO, Were NOT be able to keep track the dates we do like "Character of the week" and stuff like that because we are also working on our projects and they are huge, and it has gotten hard for us to handle this wiki, and so that's why we are having it close, we don't know when it will, but it can close at any time from now, you can go along to another wiki

So long! - 21EvanED155508

NOTE: IN order for this wiki to close, wikis with at least thousand of pages cannot be closed because it is considered active, and We are going to HAVE TO DELETE PAGES, that is one of the only ways to get it closed, sorry if you think were crazy, but I don't want this wiki anymore, so It needs to close and it's going to do so.
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