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Official Princesses


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Someday My Prince Will Come (German 1994) *Blu-ray Rip*

Snow White- German


Tangled - When Will My Life Begin (German) *Blu-ray Rip*

Rapunzel- German

Trivia: Did you know that Rapunzel's name is German for "rutabaga"?


Mulan - Reflection (Chinese Sub)

Mulan- Chinese


Aladdin (Arabic) A Whole New World

Jasmine- Arabic


A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (French) w subs & translation

Cinderella- French


J'en ai Rêvé Once Upon a Dream (French) (lyrics trans)

Aurora- French

Although the first Sleeping Beauty was set in Italy (do NOT look for it, it's not very child friendly), Disney based theirs off of the French version.


Diamond Edition; The Little Mermaid - Part of Your World (Danish S&T)

Ariel- Danish

People need to stop thinking she's Italian, Spanish or Portuguese! Eric's castle may be inspired by Latin/Italian culture, but the stor and movie is set in Denmark. Also here for us to remember the race and nationality Ariel should be, since they are blackwashing her in the remake.


Let It Go - Norwegian (Subs&Trans)

Anna and Elsa- Norwegian

Well, technically Danish, but Disney set their version of the Snow Queen story in Norway.


Almost There - Princess and the Frog

Tiana- English

New Orleans may have French and African influences, but it is in the USA, so English for Tiana. Tiana would technically be German, as this movie is just barely based on a Grimm story.


Beauty and the Beast - Belle (French)

Belle- French

Moana - Tahitian


Moana Vaiana - How Far I'll Go Tahitian (HD) (OST)


Not on the list

Merida and Pocahontas, as their languages are never dubbed. Merida's language is Scottish Gaelic, and some people still speak it, there are no such things as Scottish Gaelic dubs, unlike Ireland, which is making an effort to bring the language back by making rare cartoon tv dubs for the channel TG4. Pocahontas, because her language is actually gone for good.