Edward Glendale is one of the main primary characters in the movie "Traffic Lights."

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Edward is a very well known man who is a wrestler. In the past 10 years, he retired boxing and thought wrestling would be a better thing for him.

He and his friend, Jerold knew each other growing up and they use to tag wrestle in the past before Edward started his official occupation.

Now it's been a very while since they've saw each other. He is now 32 years old married to "Donna."

He often gets time to spend time with his wife whenever he finishes his wrestling match. He not only wrestles with people he also does karate. He goes and practices wrestling for a competition then goes to karate class once a week.

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Edward's attitude could sometimes be aggressive, but totally not in a harmful way, but possibly because he can change his emotions easily depending on how he reacts to something or someone, whoever says or does anything.

However, his main personality is very kind, and has a lot of patience. Due to that kind of personality, at one point he is nicknamed "Gentle Giant." in the film, which he finds that humorous, and often sees that as a metaphor, but still he does agree that he is a gentle giant.

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Jennifer Hickman Edit

Before he met Donna, Jen was once his girlfriend in high school, even though she had a lack of crushing on him, she still thought of him as a silly guy. Ironically, they broke up statistically for a hilarious reason. She did not like being called "Bee." Because she thought he was making fun of her t-shirts that she wears, it never offended her, but still, it annoyed her a lot.

Donna Glendale Edit

He first met her when he was in a hurry for a job interview he had to go to, it was unknown what he applied to. He later did talk to her later on, and he knew she was crushing on him. They married 6 months later after 4 times of dating. This is scene when one point Edward flash backs.

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