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Emily is the one of the main protagonists in World Adventurers.


Emily was born in England, United Kingdom. She and her parents later moved to Multiple Flag Island shortly after her birth. Emily is a very independent princess who her stepsister, Quinn both protect their kingdoms and are defensive at all costs.


Emily is a very strong and brave princess who does not like anybody making fun of her calling her a damsel in distress as she claims to be a heroine. She is always aware of her surroundings. Many times, she's most often very kind, caring and respectful. She feels that if you fight back at your enemies, you make everything worse, that is why she never gets angrier and angrier when people make fun of her and/or they do not like her. Dudley Jacobs who initially had a crush on her before Alexander and her for married, she always has and always will avoid him because first of all not just a henchman to Walter Sanders but also bribing her to be involved with conspiracy which she has a strong hatred of. Emily can be very smart because she can feel what is or could happen when it comes to not trusting people she just met.


  • She similarity resembles Queen Elsa from Frozen.
  • Her outfit is also loosely based off Queen Elizabeth II.


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