Hegan Charles Robinson is the main protagonist of the movie "Traffic Lights." He is 20 years old, who previously graduated High School.


Personality Edit

Hegan is very strongly characterized. He has always been good hearted. He has a very nice personality to everyone, with the exception of those who are mean to him. His greatest relationships he has with is his family and his besties, Carlo and Denver and his girlfriend, Britany Doghouse. Hegan is a very happy person. He has a good heart for others.

He always wants to help everyone with everything instead of himself. Hegan can sometimes be so emotional. Hegan is hardly afraid of anything, however does get intimidated when dealing with danger such as being bullied.

Like most other male characters, he is not the typical type like, with a mean, rude, arrogant and selfish personality, he has a friendly and kind behavior, though he can get angry sometimes, but oftenly not so easily, he can most often take his time of what exactly did he hear if its something that he believes he or she said when they didn't actually say it.  It partially does reveal that in his early childhood he has dealt with this issue.  His mother taught him to be careful and have more control of his feelings, and reminds him that just because you hear something doesn't mean its always true, think before you react to it, don't just let yourself decide to believe what you want, that's not right.

He also learned that if his mind gets him into a situation like this, don't even bother, he knows that its not true, the didn't say that he was a pest, this is used for an example, what the person actually said get this pest out of my house, meaning get rid of a fly that buzzes around the house, and he now knows if he gets challenged to get upset, he knows that's stupid, and always listens to his ears, don't let your mind make it all up and decieve you. As of his age he has progressed the last 10 years, he is smart, easy-going and is scene to have independence.  He is very loving to Britany as she is to him, he often can blush very easily when he becomes aware of having a moment of romance, possibly being speechless and doesn't want to get too overwhelmed because he doesn't want to faint which is a very common trait of having a calm personality. Hegan also is scene to be very alert, and really dislikes distractions, he basically gets alert when he's protective, serious, or if he's being warned and believes what ever is being taken seriously is always important and tells everyone what is going or might happen.

Physical Appearance Edit

Hegan is a 5-section doghouse signal, his skin is mostly fair. He has giant black hairy eyebrows, tan eyelids, light brown eyes, 2 giant black noses, bright green teeth, red/yellow sleeveless shirt with a black denim vest with grey buttons. He also wears green pants and also wears a sea green bow tie.

Trivia Edit

  • His eye color was originally to be yellow, but where ultimately changed to brown and also was decided that he would wear yellow contacts, but he does not. His eyes basically shift from light to dark from time to time.
  • A strange thing about him is that when he is sometimes scene fat, he states that he does not overeat, but he inflates himself on a air tank.
  • Though he has a mouth but not two circles, it is indicated that he is a "Left Turn Yield on Green." signal, he can have the ability to sometimes give others directions.


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