I haven't slept for eight days!!!! - Lucille to Mr. Willerstein

Dr. Lucille Krunklehorn-Robinson is a supporting character who was blank in Lewis's mind until the finale of

the 2007 animated film Meet the Robinsons.

She is shown to be very caring to her family and celebrates the future's motto of "keep moving forward".

She is first introduced, referred to only as Dr. Krunklehorn, as a visiting scientist form Inventco (who had 12 coffee patches put on her arm, each containing the equivalent of 12 cups of coffee) and is sporadically yelping, apparently a side-effect of all the caffeine. She claims she hasn't slept in eight days. She watches excitedly as Lewis proceeds to demonstrate his Memory Scanner and watches as it spectacularly fails. Afterwards, she helps clean up the mess and when Lewis returns begging for another chance, she decides to let him try as her ride hasn't arrived yet. Lewis uses her as his test subject instead of himself as originally and after deciding on which of her accomplishments she wants to relive (among which is first science fair, first microscope, swimming the English Channel, first gold medal for the luge), she whispers a specific date (15 years/6 months/17 days) to Lewis and he successfully brings the memory up on the Scanner, (6/17/1992) the day of her wedding to Bud Robinson. The machine works perfectly and Lewis wins the Science Fair while realizing who she is when her father calls her "Lucille" in the memory and her husband is clearly Bud. Bud shows up and is impressed by Lewis as well and Lucile and Bud later adopt Lewis, buying Anderson Observatory to be their new home.

In the future, she is seen "baking cookies" when Bud opens the door to show her dancing to Swing music. When Lewis starts to ask her questions before returning to his own time, she simply tells him to go back to the Science Fair and she'll see him "real soon", presumably referring to her role as the Science Fair Judge. Also she is seen with Pink hair in a bun and is seen wearing the yellow dress that she wore at the end of the movieq.



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