Melissa Li is a (former) neutral character in World Adventurers and the protagonist of it's short, "Nationwide

Attack!!!". She is the younger sister of Valerie Li.

Character Info Edit

She and her husband Monte were married for more than 20 years. Her children are, China and Chris


Melissa takes everyone and everything pretty personal. She often gets very serious easily. She even would get angry for absolutley over stupid things, like she does not ever like anybody to wake her up because since she has been out off college, she always loves to sleep in. The latest she will sleep is til 11:30am.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Melissa has black hair (often worn in a bun), dark brown flat eyes, pointy nose, red shirt with the "Hong Kong" flower. She also wears a red dress with yellow lines on it and wears a tiny flower on her head.

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