Red Shoes/Snow White is the main character of Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarves. She is a parody of the classic Disney Princess, Snow White and strikes a small resemblance to Don Bluth’s Anastasia.

Recent Events

Her real name, Snow White, later Red Shoes grew up a princess and was raised mainly by her father. Her mother unfortunately passed away and her father raised her with all the love he could give her.

Red Shoes grew up to be a plus-sized young woman, seemingly never being shamed by her father. Her father calls her a beautiful lady at the beginning of the film, before meeting Red Shoes' step-mother.

During the film, Red Shoes goes between her plus-size self and her skinny self.



Red Shoes is extremely kind, honest and gracious as she managed to lift Excalibur from its stone when no one else could. After she puts it back, the scene expands to the inscription on the stone, where it says, "Unselfish, Gracious and Truthful must thee be to set the sword Excalibur free." She is also brave and loyal when she eats the apple for Merlin's safety even though she knew she would turn into a tree and die.

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