Rules and Guidelines

NOTE: We will warn you on your message wall to give you chances to obey those rules, but if you refuse then we will block you.

Character Policy

  1. This is a family friendly website, Do Not Add pages of characters from Adult Sitcoms or Movies such as, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Bob's Burger's etc. (That also includes LGBT characters and We also do not allow characters such as Harry Potter or Pokemon) that contains horror and over intense fantasy violence. The pages will be deleted when once scene.
  2. Do not create pages if your going to simply leave them blank, otherwise you will have a warning.
  3. Please add the appropriate categories to Character Pages.

What we mean is, do not add categories like, "Characters who hate their family members." or "Characters who stink." You will be resulted to be warned or you will be blocked for not obeying the rules.

  1. Do not upload images that contains no characters, like don't upload backgrounds that are characterless.
  2. Don't add categories that contain spam/gibberish, like "GWURWPEWU." That is considered vandalism and we will warn you, but block you if you don't listen to us.
  3. Do not upload pictures of nudity, or any images containing sexual or domestic violence. This will result you banned for a year. This is a family friendly website, nobody would not want to see that at all, If you are caught, you will get in trouble big time.
  4. Do not add false information of canon characters for For example, Moana "Moana has a love interest." or Cinderella and Prince Charming go to JC Penny's" Or, "Moki is being chased by the Incredibles. If you want to make a fan fiction article, rather make a blog post instead. It is OK to make connections with canon and fanon characters like here's this example "Brynja Hoover, is in love with Kirby Hoover." Just DON'T make canon nor fanon heroes (especially if it's someone else's work on their fanon character) betraying their allies and becoming villains, which is a form of false information. This would be the same for characters that are villains who canonically cannot become good, unless it officially happens, same with when using someone else's work, don't do that, unless it would be fanon of yours.
  5. Again this is a family friendly website, so mostly G and PG characters are only allowed, some PG-13 can be acceptable such as Marvel Studios films. Characters from PG-13 comedy films are not allowed because of vulgar language and inappropriate content.

Chat Policy

  1. Please be nice, kind and respectful to people do not scare them off with CAPS LOCK or with discrimination, etc.
  2. Swearing is strictly prohibited, any swear word being used, will result the user to be kicked from the chat.
  3. Do not discriminate people of sex, gender, race, color, ancestry, nationality and disability.
  4. DO NOT pull tricks on people, which means DO NOT lie to them and say something that isn't what they think it is like linking to websites that link to jump-scares, viruses, scams, porn websites, and so on. Violating this rule will not only result you getting kicked from chat but also banned as well
  5. Do not spam random letters and numbers, or emojis in the chat.
  6. Always have good behavior towards others, if your being bullied/harassed by a troll, Do not fight back, otherwise the situation can get worse, the best thing is to report the user and explain it to any of the administrators walls.

Other Rules

  1. DO NOT Vandalize Pages
  2. DO NOT Edit other user's profiles.
  3. DO NOT Spam in the comments or on people's message walls
  4. DO NOT send threats on people's walls, especially to administrators, like "Yo, I'm gonna hack yo account." Which can result towards a block for that because that is extremely serious, you do not want to terrorize others.
  5. DO NOT promote sexual advertisements.
  6. DO NOT upload images that contains hate speech.
  7. DO NOT discriminate against users for any reason.
  8. When you meet a new user, before thinking on befriending him or her, don't befriend someone when he or she leaves you a message like"Hi I want to be your friend!"  It does not work that way. Becareful of who you trust, find out who they are first, he/she can be a troll in disguise, if that person is someone who is after you, such as to cyberbully, harassment, etc. Avoid that user immediately and report to the staff which is us.
  9. THIS IS IMPORTANT: For your own safety, it's recommended that you do not post personal information about yourself, like, your email or home address, passwords, school, etc. DO NOT Do it! It is not just wrong, it is also dangerous! You do not want anybody especially trolls to track you, such as your location, phone number, etc. That is very bad! Not only the person who tracks you gets in trouble, but YOU will get into trouble, but VERY BIG TIME! We want users to keep their info private and mind their own buisnesses. It is not good to share your information because like we just said.

Remember, anything on this website can be seen by anyone on the internet and we want you to be safe, you cannot let anybody know about your personal information. So please consider this before expressing yourself to the community.

  1. IF YOU Have an account and your under 13, then no matter how young you are, you will be banned from the wiki until you become that age.
  2. Another thing, DON'T LIE About your age, especially if your under 13, if your under 13 you will get the worse penalty which means you can't come back here anymore unless you message one of other us on to apologize for your dishonesty and have to wait until you actually become 13!
  3. Like what we said above about stereotyping fanon characters, Don't you dare send a message on his/her wall insulting them with prejudice stereotypes, we will ban you for 6 months no matter how bad it is. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment! DO NOT do it!

Staff Rules

  1. If you are an administrator, bureaucrat, content moderator, discussions moderator, etc. whenever you aren't editing or after your done editing on here, make sure at least 6-8 hours later, check on here and be on watch a little bit make sure there is no vandalism taking place, if you see any trolls coming on here whether they vandalize articles or they leave threatening messages on your wall, quickly revert vandalism and when removing their messages, click "Notify admin" which is a way of reporting users that are responsible for violating our rules, when any of us is logged in, it will automatically come up on our messages that you've removed a thread that was from a troll.
  2. When your an administrator and if a user is trying to harass you, DO NOT feed any attention, like don't shout in "CAPS LOCK." Because all your doing is making the situation worse and you don't want that, all you do is block the user from the wiki. Another thing, this is similar, if you see new users joining this wiki, but all they do is come to vandalize pages, don't be a coward! What we mean is, don't be afraid to undo their edits and wait until another administrator comes on here and sees it, and finds out that you were on this whole time not doing anything, you will be warned by the administrator who came and saw that you had done nothing.
  3. We cannot make you a staff member on here if your a user who is new to this wiki, it's going to take a lot of time between 6 months to a year, in order to be a staff member, we have to make sure that you are trustworthy and safe enough to follow the rules when editing, making blog posts, making discussion posts, messaging us, etc. If we find out that you are a troll or you have sock puppet accounts, your request will be denied for infinite, or when after you've recently or you have been staff for a while, you will be blocked and your title will be terminated infinite as well unless you would owe us an apology. If you are saying sorry just to be smart, then that's how we know that you aren't sorry for what you have done. This is how we can tell "OK IM SORRY NOW LET ME BACK ON HERE!!!", "Sorry for the trouble I've caused, when will I be back on here!" and so on! These examples are inappropriate tones to talk to the staff users. Your block can (depending on how bad the situation is), be extended longer.
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