GUYS, I went on the CHARGUIGOU on the website, it says that the Albanian 2020 dub leaves all the songs undubbed! I AM SO Disappointed about this! It's been a while since they've left songs undubbed in Disney Films, well actually the only songs that are dubbed in Moana are the ones that are sung by her and the secondary antagonist, Tomotoa.

Actually this has been a while where they leave ALL THE SONGS undubbed, like Elsa and Anna ain't the only ones to have their songs undubbed in Albanian, maybe it's a possibility they could redub it and the next time they'll dub the songs, because that's what happened to Snow White.

What I'm REALLY WONDERING IS, IF THEY COULD Dub the songs from the previous Frozen film, why would they leave them undubbed in the sequel?!? THIS IS A VERY SIMILAR problem I have with Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie, Dutch, Indonesian, Thai and Cantonese have been released subtitled versions instead of dubs, which that's only difference to my main discussion. VeggieTales did have a Dutch dub but only 4 episodes were dubbed, and Cantonese had about 15 dubbed episodes, same amount possibly for indonesian, and The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything had a Thai dub, seriously, Why? Why should you do subtitling or making dubs of sequels, but leave the songs in English, if you already did so in the first place!?

Well, I don't want to be upset, maybe Disney will dub the songs, you never know, I just think that was unfair to just blantly do that, unless MAYBE the voices of ANNA AND ELSA may have declined to reprise their roles, so maybe he just put it there since nothing's been confirmed about dubbing the songs I could be wrong though, but we'll wait and see!

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