Hey everyone

I'm making this post to remind all of you, The radical feminists are at it again! Please be aware what's going on in the media:, Elmer Fudd is a toxic male!, HOW IS HE TOXIC!? Just because he's male!? This is sexist and extremely foolish!

This is similar when they call Cinderella a helpless damsel in distress just because she is in love with Prince Charming!

Listen, I'm informing you to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL of who you meet and trust! We WILL NOT ALLOW This Radical Feminist Agenda on this wiki!!! If any user comes on here allegedly posting hate speech in comments, remove them immediately and block them for infinite!

Listen, WE Respect all people, we treat them right, we love them, we care for them! HATE IS WRONG!!!!

For safety, especially for all male characters and the Disney princesses, I'm going to ask we should protect all character pages for infinite (new users and unregistered will not be allowed, ever)

This just makes me so freaking angry, DAMSEL is  a sexist propaganda word, just because she is independent and likes a man, STOP CALLING HER HELPLESS!!!

Feminism is about being equal and being scene equal to and as valuable as men, NOT being better then men! 

Anything men can do, women can do and help them out!

I'm just sick of this radical agenda, I hope that this explosive rage against men just because of their sex needs to stop, this hate was taught, nobody was born that way!

Again, I wanted to inform you all to be aware and strongly careful of users who come on here and say all these horrible stuff whether it's to us or the character pages!




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