William LeGrand is the main antagonist of the animated movie Traffic Lights.

Background Edit

William LeGrand was once a super genius in High School, later during 11th grade, suddenly he lost all his memorable skills, and a student in his class, whom was Delaware Frankensignal, wrongly blamed him for it, and he often got suspended and was too busy bullying Del and ended up being held back because of how bad his grades were becoming and sometimes he didn't even turned in his homework, however despite gaining back his memorable skills, he still has that selfish behavior.

Personality Edit

William is often very nasty and very vain. He thinks that he can surpass everyone as the smartest scientist in the world, especially for his instance for living in stupidity for focusing on bullying instead of learning more Science. He talks very negative to everyone, especially to Del, and Hegan, argues that nobody has no right to be smarter than him, because he thinks he has to be the first one to know about it before anyone else does, which he did get a lot of trouble for expressing those thoughts in front of the teachers and other students.

William does not like it when you mentioned how he acts in front of you, because he will say the most ridiculous excuses that aren't even true and don't make any sense.

Physical Appearance Edit

William LeGrand is 100% French descent, and he has a very visible accent. He has short rough Strawberry-Blonde hair and green eyes. He also wears grey glasses. He is 47 1/2 years old and stands at 6'4" tall and weights 170 pounds and slightly muscular. He often wears a light grey jacket with a white shirt underneath. He also wears a black neck-tie. He wears a black belt and silver pants and black boots.


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